The Transatlantische Schifffahrts GmbH & Co. KG is specialized on the technical and commercial management  of ships.


The good condition of the efficient, modern fleet reflects in short docking periods and minimum off-hire.


Moreover the Transatlantische Schifffahrts GmbH & Co. KG is managing their own and partners modern fleet!


Planned Maintenance


We are using a software system for maintenance planning to achieve maximum safety, reliability and efficiency of vessels:


  • maintenance work planning and spare parts handling
  • event handling in line with company and statutory requirements
  • online reporting and managing all aspects of vessel operations
  • document handling

Complete finacial management of the ships including bookkeeping, controlling and regular reporting


Risk Management


TAS has identified the risks according to the below categories and set up plans to prevent the occurance of risks and or minimize their impact.


- External risks (i.e. legislation, piracy, political developments, reputation)

- Performance-related/operational risks (i.e. cost structure, charter rates)

- Financial risks (i.e. solvency, credit risks, investments)

- Internal risks ( i.e. organisation, strategy, personnel, infrastructure)



Insurence P&I and Kasko


Together with our long lasting and trustable partners we offer the full range of insurance services including but not limited to Hull&Machinery insurtance and P&I Club third person liability.

Through our superfast claim management system we are enabled to secure minium off hire times and quick settling of outstanding claims

which secures the high rentability of our investment projects.





Individual transport solutions timecharters and in the project sector, not only on the high seas: loading and discharging, lashing and securing of cargo as well as the safe shipping of all different kinds of goods including bulk, breakbulk, project cargo, oversized modules or heavy components.


Sale and Purchase of ships

 is one of the most important undertakings of our company. We deal with sale and/or purchase for both second-hand and new-built vessels. As well as dedicated deals with shipyards in respect newbuilding series .


Dry Docking and Repair Planning


We have contacts worldwide and experience with shipyards and ship repair companies to perform high quality standards on any kind of repairs. This enables us to prepare a good budget planning at reasonable costs.  Our supervision during dock periods and repairs result in a respected record of budget compliance and on-time completion.



Crew Management


Planning of crew operation is done by TAS Transatlantische Schifffahrts GmbH & Co. KG  in  close collaboration with certified crew managing company.




Management Systems


We carry out audit planning, preparation and compliance for ISM, ISPS, MLC and all other statutory compliance requirements.


Stores Acquisition and Supply


Acquision and supply of stores is prepared through a software system on board and in the office. This system is linked to planned maintenance software to achieve best maintenance and cost efficiency.




Flag State and Regional Compliance


TAS provides continual monitoring and auditing of all managed vessels to ensure that their documentation complies with all flag state and regional regulations.





All transactions are accessible by Management Clients by means of audits or as requested otherwise. Each required kind of reporting is timely available for clients.


Accounting and Liquidity Planning


We provide the full varitety of requested financial reports and liquidity planning according to our cients requirements.