TAS as long term experienced ship manager, ship operator and ship owner is your reliable, dedicated and truly diversified and flexible partner in the global shipping community.


A true family business spanning generations.Our valued customers benefit from a solid and renowned professional standing of TAS, sourcing from financial strength, a clear business strategy, also allowing for continuously meeting changing markets and demands, a modern fleet as well as 150  focused, motivated and qualified team of employees ashore and at sea



The broad portfolio of TAS offers a whole range of services to a variety of national and international clients. Our business encompasses a complete package of ship management services including the planning, building or purchasing of vessels as well as the operating, crewing, coordinating of maintenance and repairs, backed up also by legal, insurance as well as finance assignments.




TAS is the responsible entity for the commercial employment and chartering of the whole TAS fleet and of individual vessels, owned by affiliated partners. We have built up and do maintain numerous sound business relationships with charterers and customers all around the world.




Our business division offers custom-made and individual transport solutions in the project sector, not only on the high seas: loading and discharging, lashing and securing of cargo as well as the safe shipping of all different kinds of goods including bulk, breakbulk, project cargo, oversized modules or heavy components.




Commitment and reliability, integrity and loyalty, paired with mutual confidence with our valued customers are core values of our corporate business philosophy and vivid key parameters of our daily working life. For TAS a genuine handshake seals deals and embodies

an obligation: for reliability and quality – at any and at all times.


Rudolf Alexander Schepers

Educated Shipbroker and worked as a Shipbroker at Shipping & Chartering from 2006-2009. Since 2009 responsible for the management, controlling, chartering and purchasing at the shipping company Rudolf Schepers.

 Cpt. Hermann Sibum

Completed Nautical Studies with Masters license AG in 2009. Sailed worldwide with company Gebrüder Winter from 2007-2010. Since 2010 responsible for the technical and nautical inspection, fleet manager, company security officer and designated person at the shipping company Rudolf Schepers .