PHILoSOPHY & mission


TAS Trantatlatische Schifffahrts GmbH & Co. KG have the mission and aspirational goal to provide our customers an business partners with first-class services as well as building a long-lasting, trusting relationship.


Furthermore, we put our focus on the compliance with the protective measures and appliacable guidelines on board, on land, at sea and the protection of nature.


Also, our focus is on the most advanced, efficient and enviromental friendly innovations in all shipping sectors.

Through our wide range of services, our partners and investors can participate in the entire value chain of the shipping business.



- Drive, dynamics & flexibility – react flexible to customer requirements and market changes


- Customer orientation – we are, where the costumer needs us, anytime, 24/7»„direct customer approach“ Our vast international network

  guarantees proximity to local markets and direct face-to-face contact to customers.


- Innovation – shape the future today


- Promotion of vocational training – consistent investment in training of junior maritime staff » Successful employees of tomorrow!


- Technical feasibility study


- Pre-planning - cargo stowage, lift and seafastening plan


- Engineering calculation – structural and FE Analysis


- Special design – grillages, lifting beams


- Motion response and simulation




Qualified and dedicated officers and crew are an essential part of running our modern fleet. For decades, we have have been employing an established international pool of highly skilled mariners and technicians on board of our vessels. Not only are we investing in an intensive training programme for our sea staff, we are also committed to the next generation by means of our own cadet training programme including a close networking with schools of navigation and universities of applied sciences.



Special knowledge, technology dedication, experience, professionalism and reliability interlock with precision and accuracy – from the technical and nautical management to the loading experts, captains and crews. It is all about dialogue, communication, mutual confidence and expertise as well as experience.

Regular training for all members of TAS ensure customer-oriented services of the highest level today and in the future. Even though shipping is strongly related to logistical and rather technical issues, it remains a peoples business at the end of the day. That is why TAS management considers the establishment of mutually fair and sound business relationships as one of the key backbones of the company. Our employees ashore in Haren, Germany, work along this code of conduct and all of them, including the management, embody a particular corporate culture including a specific set of values - some of them being considered as rather old fashioned, such as a handshake as genuine seal of a deal - yet the team performs: successfully.




2017 Foundation of TAS and pruchase of 3 second hand MPP / Heavy Lift vessel

2018 Implemantation of transparent accounting for investors

Aquisition of 4 vessel in management

Sale of 1 unit with return for investors of 170 % in 1,3 years

Focusing on green shipping and fuel saving on existing fleet

Implemetion of new regulations coming into force

2019 Purchase of 2 second hand units MPP / Heavy Lift vessel